How much to pay to upgrade seats in Alaska?

Suppose you want to experience more comfort during your journey and enjoy the extra benefits of traveling in the upper class with Alaska airlines. In that case, you can upgrade seats in Alaska even after your flight booking. Alaska Airlines passengers have to pay a nominal fee of USD 29 onwards, depending on their ticket condition to upgrade their seat if they fail to make the changes on the same day of making a reservation with Alaska airlines. 
At the same time, all those passengers who will upgrade their seat within 24 hours of booking a flight ticket with the Alaska airlines are eligible for the free upgrade, and hence they will only have to pay for the seats. For further details on Alaska airline's seat upgrades, you can continue reading this article to learn about Alaska airline's seat upgrade policy. The seat upgrade policy of Alaska airlines is given in below points:

Seat upgrade policy of Alaska airlines

  • All the seat upgrades done on the same day of booking a flight with Alaska airlines are eligible for an accessible seat upgrade as per the 24-hour risk-free flight change policy.
  • A seat upgrade fee of USD 29 to USD 199 is applicable on the bookings that are failed to change on the same day of making a reservation with Alaska airlines.
  • The seat upgrade fee charged on your Alaska airlines ticket depends on specific parameters such as time left in departure, access, route, flight cabin, and ticket condition.
  • All the flight changes done in your existing itinerary of Alaska airlines regarding seat upgrades are subject to availability with the Alaska airlines.
  • Passengers can upgrade their seats with Alaska airlines by simply visiting the official website or contacting the customer service agent through my booking section.
  • You are also free to upgrade your seat with Alaska airlines by visiting the offline airport counter of Alaska airlines.
  • As per the flight change policy of Alaska, airline passengers can only upgrade their seats from the lower cabin to the upper place and cannot degrade their class. For example, you can boost your economy to business and first-class. 
  • Passengers are required to pay the seat upgrade value to Alaska airlines.

The seat upgrade process of Alaska airlines

  • You need to launch your preferred mode of web browser and visit the official website of Alaska airlines by using a desktop or smartphone.
  • Now click on the manage section from the top tab and enter the passenger's last name and the confirmation code or e-ticket number.
  • Click on the continue button below and navigate the flight change link.
  • Click on the flight change option and select seat upgrade from the following page.
  • Select your preferred cabin mode and the seats you require as per your comfort preference and budget.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to upgrade the seat and get through the payments page.
  • Make the necessary payment to get your confirmed tickets on the associated meaning address.


Hence this is the one way to upgrade your seat with Alaska airlines which is a very convenient and hassle-free option. Besides this, passengers can also use the Alaska airlines phone number to connect with the live agent and ask for a seat upgrade. The Alaska airlines customer support executive is available on various contact options: chat support, phone call, email, and social media handles.


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