How are Seats Assigned on Alaska Airlines?

Flying to your destination with choosing an Alaska Airlines ticket might be challenging because while you book a ticket in Alaska, you might get seating not as per your wish, so onboard. At the same time, as you travel, you might feel discomfort sitting for you flying. Therefore, in such circumstances, the most appropriate option you can select would be booking a seat per your Alaska airlines seat assignment requirement. Because of this, you will not get any issues or worry about the seating on this airline. With the help of the seat selection option, you have a preferred seat with a minimum objection to reaching your destination quickly.

However, before you know about all the ways to Alaska Airlines seat selection, you must go through the seat selection policies, which are pretty relatable before you make seat selection.

  • According to Alaska Airlines' seat assignment policy, the passenger must pay a fee of $15 for the premium seat selection.
  • Moreover, the airline provides free-of-cost economy seat selection, and passengers are assigned seats over the availability base.
  • Further, if you want a free seat selection option, once you start online booking, within 24 hours of ticket purchase, you can select a seat you will not charge for.

Alaska Airlines seating options:

At Alaska Airlines, passengers are offered with three best options which are like;

Pre-reserve Seats: This is the first option offered to the passengers where they are provided to select a seat at the beginning time while they buy Alaska Airlines tickets online. By choosing this option, passengers are shown a proper seat assigned on Alaska Airlines, enabling them to select their preferred seat by viewing the seat assignment quickly. Further, Alaska Airlines advises the passenger to pre-reserve their seat in advance when booking online because this option gives travelers the advantage of selecting their desired seats.

Online seat selection: This is another best option to select a seat because in case you missed or could not get the desired seat at the booking time, then don't worry about it because seat selection is possible at the online check-in, which you can do at the official website of Alaska Airlines or through the mobile app. 

  • Passengers are allowed for seat selection, which can be done via online check-in up to 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • If you might be lucky enough to get your desired seat at the online check-in time due to unclaimed seats pre-reserved for premium passengers.

Airport Gate seat selection: Moreover, passengers are offered a seat selection option which they can do at the airport gate. This situation is allowed for the passengers when they arrive at the airport at least 1-2 hours before the scheduled departure and then request an Alaska airline agent at the airport gate to arrange a seat if available.